Tuesday 9th February 2021


Care England in partnership with Intergenerational Music Making are launching Together with Music a new project to lift the spirits of thousands of care home residents this winter.

This initiative will strengthen and build upon links between education, health and community organisations adopting music as a conduit for sharing cultural heritage, providing a physical and emotional bond and enhancing individual identity for the young and old.

Hundreds of care homes are expected to join in this project that links them to local schools and youth groups using the power of music and the internet. This will reduce the isolation that has been created by Covid restrictions.

All homes will be matched to a local school or youth group. Both the care home residents and the young people will choose songs that are meaningful to them and share them with each other. This musical introduction will act as a vehicle into further connection, creativity and stronger community links across England.

Music has been recognised as an effective way of engaging people including those with dementia which make up a large proportion of care home residents. This project builds on the impact of the BBC Music for Dementia initiative in September as part of World Alzheimer’s Month.

An initial programme ‘Musical Conversations’ run by IMM with MHA showed the transformative value of these musical connections. One resident commented, “Music is so powerful and it’s been really uplifting receiving personalised messages from the most wonderful children. Long may it continue!”

Together with Music will build virtual connections between care homes and their local communities through the winter months when so many are feeling isolated, depressed and disconnected. Through music and the act of music making, we aim to raise awareness, establish links and in turn, tackle loneliness, isolation and promote sustainable socialising for those most vulnerable. This campaign will encourage community partnerships and empower care staff, teachers and community members to play an active role in their neighbourhoods.

Through connection and collaboration, we will build strong, creative and resilient communities and offer both the young and the old an opportunity to explore, develop and come together in music.

Launch care provider partners are Barchester Healthcare, Hallmark Care Homes and MHA. Our education partner is Sing up! The project has been made possible with funding from Tunstall Healthcare and the Hallmark Care Homes Foundation along with supporting contributions from Oomph!, Independent Age, Zenergi and CoolCare


Quote from Professor Martin Green, CEO Care England: “Care homes are especially mindful of the need to consider the emotional and spiritual well being of residents whilst restrictions are in place to protect them from Covid-19. This project will bring a ray of sunshine to thousands of lives and help counter feelings of isolation during the winter months.”


Quote from IMM Director, Charlotte Miller: “We are thrilled that we are partnering with Care England in this exciting intergenerational campaign. Together with Music will connect young people with care home residents through music to raise awareness, establish links and in turn, tackle loneliness, isolation and promote sustainable socialisation for those most vulnerable. It shall be through these magical connections and collaborations that Together with Music will build strong, creative and resilient communities. It starts with a song!”


Quote from Avnish Goyal, Chair of Care England, Hallmark Care Homes and the Hallmark Foundation: “We are delighted to be involved in this initiative, music plays a huge part in all of our lives and has so many benefits for people living with dementia. We are sure this campaign will spread a lot of joy this winter and further develop the great relationships we have with our local communities. We are looking forward to seeing the impact this work has had in the coming weeks.”


Quote from Pete Calveley, CEO Barchester Healthcare: “We know from years of experience that engaging with music and with young people has a profoundly enriching effect on the lives of our residents. We’re certain that this wonderful project will be hugely beneficial to everyone involved.”


Quote from Sam Monaghan, CEO MHA: “Music in people’s lives is so important, something we recognised when we pioneered music therapy for people living with dementia in our care homes. It has life-enhancing results, lifting spirits, helping reduce anxiety and impacting positively on the lives of our residents. In addition, linking generations through the medium of music helps create bonds at a time when face to face contact is not always possible, which is why we are so proud to be a part of the campaign.”


Quote from Gavin Bashar, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Tunstall Healthcare: “Our technologies have been developed not just to help people remain safe and independent, but also to keep them connected. We are delighted to support ‘Together with Music’ an innovative way of bringing younger and older people together in their local communities.”


Quote from Michelle James, Sing UP CEO & Sing Up Foundation Trustee: “Sing Up is delighted to be ‘Together with Music’s’ education partner. 2020 has been a tough year, particularly for our oldest and youngest communities. Sharing music provides a powerful means of reaching out and spreading some joy especially at Christmas.”


For further information contact:

Email: hello@togetherwithmusic.org.uk

Phone: 01483 851980


About Care England: Care England is the largest representative body for independent providers of adult social care and works to ensure that care services are commissioned fairly, efficiently and on a properly funded basis to meet the true costs of providing quality care.

About Intergenerational Music Making: Intergenerational Music Making (IMM) is one of the UK’s pioneers of intergenerational music projects bringing together local schools, care homes, colleges, hospitals and universities to create exciting and meaningful music projects aimed to improve 4 wellbeing, mental health, tackle loneliness and help integrate local communities. Social isolation and loneliness are nothing new to IMM and, now more than ever, they believe the arts have the transformative power to bring people together in ways we could not have foreseen. IMM launched their Care to Create campaign as a response to the pandemic. Determined to keep connections strong and active through the power of music and the arts, they adopted a multimedia approach with the aim to strengthen capacity for social connection, friendship and compassion whilst improving the emotional and mental wellbeing of both generations, the young and old.


Contact information:

IMM Website: www.imm-music.com

Facebook: @IMMMusicMaking

Twitter: @IMMusicmaking

Instagram: @immmusicuk


Together with Music

Website: www.togetherwithmusic.org.uk

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