Wednesday January 29th 2020


The fast pace of modern life can leave us feeling disconnected with ourselves and our surroundings. Getting out into nature can be a really effective way of slowing things down, reconnecting with what’s around us and just taking in some rejuvenating fresh air. With a choice of 22 local parks and recreational grounds, Woking has an abundance of open, green spaces to escape in.

We’ve picked our top 5 spots to share with you.


1. Horsell Common

Spanning an incredible 880-acres, Horsell Common is a green haven just a stone’s throw from Woking. It’s the perfect space to just get lost in nature. Owned and managed by the Horsell Common Preservation Society, the common has a 380-acre biological Site of Special Scientific Interest. The society and its volunteers work year-round to preserve the area as a habitat for all the natural wildlife. Find out how you can get involved in the preservation of the local area here.

2. Pyrford Common

Stop someone on the streets of Woking and ask them if they have ever visited Pyrford – chances are they will say yes! This much-loved common has brought joy to the people of Woking for years. You’ll find many of the parents and grandparents who played here as children now bring their own children and grandchildren to run on the green, explore the woodlands and play in the park.

3. Woking Park

From the newly refurbished tennis courts to the wild and wonderful jungle-themed playground, Woking Park has a host of fantastic resources for all ages. Plus, you can now discover exotic species of plants along the new Park Tree Trails! With great transport connections from Woking station, leave the car at home and enjoy an afternoon outdoors out with friends or family.

4. Kitty Trips

If you’re looking for a novel way to relax and unwind this summer, Kitty Trips is a unique way to enjoy Woking from a whole new perspective. Cruise along the beautiful surroundings of the Basingstoke Canal, tootle past Horsell Common and experience Woking by boat. Each trip lasts just over one-hour and they run throughout the summer months!

5. Westfield Common

Having been preserved close to its former state since 1719, Westfield Common has been recognised as a regionally important Site of Nature Conservation. The area supports native, rare plants in the chamomile family and aquatic species, with populations of Great Crested Newts found in two ponds in the Common. Located in the species-rich areas of wet woodland, drains and ponds – it’s a perfect spot for some wildlife watching


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