Tuesday May 29th

Come down to a workshop where participants will be able to build their own nest boxes to give these endangered birds a space to nest! Spaces are available for workshops on the 14th and 28th of September! Email swifts@thamesweygroup.co.uk for more details.

Swifts in Woking is a project to protect this beloved bird in sharp decline in the UK.

Swifts are an iconic and incredible migrant species that:

- migrate over 14,000 miles every year
- can stay in the air for two to three years without landing once
- eat, sleep and even mate on the wing
- fly 500 miles a day to feed on airborne insects
- can live for up to 21 years

They are nationally recognised to be in sharp decline with The State of the UK's Birds report (SUKB) 2017 recording swifts as being in the amber list, meaning of 'moderate conservation concern'.

Swifts arrive in the UK end April/early May to breed, before returning all the way to Africa in August. However, they now find it hard to find places to breed because so many of our buildings have been renovated, meaning they can no longer nest in them. Alongside this, there is less food for them as there are fewer insects to feed on due to factors such as increasing pesticide use.

To help reverse this, Woking Borough Council has teamed up with Thameswey Ltd (a company wholly owned by Woking Borough Council) and members of the local community to do the following:

- Raise awareness of the plight of swifts in Woking Borough
- Recruit volunteer swift spotters to find out where we currently have swifts
- Work with developers and the local community to provide more nesting opportunities for swifts, so we can increase their numbers

This project is part of our wider strategy to support local biodiversity and green spaces, called Natural Woking.

If you want to learn more about swifts, (such as where to buy nest boxes, where to put them, how to spot them, etc.) then there are mountains of information on the www.swift-conservation.org website.

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