Friday October 9th 2020

It’s World Space Week this week, and as you know we’re no strangers to the extra-terrestrial here in Woking! With over 95 nations across the world marking this special week, Woking’s reasons to celebrate come out on top of the pile. Serving as the inspiration for H.G. Wells’ famous science fiction novel and Hollywood blockbuster War of the Worlds, Woking has a strong literary heritage. Contributing to a fascination with Science Fiction over the last century, War of the Worlds has inspired countless adaptations, novels and soundtracks across its long history. And its impact on the town is still felt today. A series of sculptures by celebrated sculptor Michael Condron bring the story to life on the streets of Woking. Although you probably walk past them every day, this is a great time to revisit their history!

The most striking of these is the much-loved, towering 23 foot tall stainless-steel Martian Tripod, which made Woking its home in 1998 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of War of the Worlds.

Replicating one of the Martian tripods from the novel, which wreaks havoc in Horsell Common, it’s impossible to miss this imposing landmark.

Nearby, a cylindrical pod juts out of the pavement. Resembling the space crafts which brought the invaders to Woking in the novel, the pod ploughs into the ground with shockwaves depicted in the paving around it.

Although we can’t promise you’re going to see too many aliens landing on Horsell Common this week, you’ll still find plenty of extra-terrestrial influences in Woking. If that’s not enough for you, why not cosy up with a copy of the book, or have a movie night? It’s almost Halloween after all!


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