Monday May 11th 2020

We are living in exceptional times. Most of us have never had to endure a global crisis on this scale before, but it is not the first of its kind. What did people do during the first few decades of the 20th century, when war and sickness ravaged our nation? We wrote letters, we stuck together and we created a community.

Today is the day to join the Hodgepodge movement!

Hodgepodge is a community coming together and sharing what we are doing to stay afloat. When all this is over, we will all have something to keep and look back on to remember what it was like living through these uncertain times

All you need to do is take 6 photos of your day, of whatever you decide. It can be as mundane or exciting as you like, but make it a real snapshot of your day-to-day life. Then support it with a letter, containing whatever you fancy about how you have been passing your days and how you are coping; maybe you have a new hobby or craft, a recipe you finally had the time to try, or you’ve got children to entertain. Share your story.

Not only can it be incredibly therapeutic to sit down and write out what you are experiencing right now, it can be beneficial to read someone else’s accounts from a different perspective.

Follow the link below to our website to send us your letter and photos, and to find out more about the Hodgepodge project. The aim is to reach people throughout the world and create a global network where we share our ideas and experiences of this unique moment in history.

Once your letter and photos are received, the Hodgepodge team will check it over and then send it on to somebody else on your behalf. You in return will receive a letter from your selected pen-pal, and this way we can all connect with people throughout the world.

Check out for further details.


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