Friday May 22nd 2020

Want to see your story featured in Woking News & Mail? Jump in your time machine and write a story to inspire the whole community!

The rules are simple:

  • - You have to be aged 6-16 for the main contest (but anyone can take part!)
  • - Keep your story under 500 words
  • - Past, present or future, you can set it in any time period you like, but…
  • - It has to be set right here in Woking!

If you want to practise your handwriting, you can take pictures of your story or scan it to send us. Just make sure it’s clear enough to read! Otherwise, get those keyboards clattering and type up your masterpiece.

Just ask your parent/guardian to email your story, along with your first name, age and school, to with the email subject “Short Story Contest”.

Good luck!


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