Get to Know Elaine McGinty

Tuesday March 19th 2019

A place for you to rise...

The Phoenix Cultural Centre has an inspiring mission at the core of everything it does: “To provide a cultural home to celebrate and nurture our town’s wonderful diversity.” 

It’s been a decade of putting on music events for charities, and in 2010, Elaine McGinty became one of the founding members of the Phoenix Cultural Centre. We were thrilled by the opportunity to speak with Elaine about her work and the strong example it sets for our welcoming Woking spirit! 

“We provide a welcoming environment for everyone, where people can practise their arts, learn new skills and enjoy themselves. All cultures are welcome. Our ethos is ‘co-exist, don’t compete,’ and we’re proud to share it with people from all walks of life in our community.”

When it comes to turning up the tunes in Woking, Elaine and her team keep things eclectic and exciting:

“We love to bring fabulous music to Woking. Punk, rock, blues... anything goes! We are inspired by new artists and love helping to put their music out there, as well as bringing  established and well-known bands to town. We're putting Woking back on the national tour map!”

But to keep on inspiring, Elaine needs to stay ahead of the curve. A typical day might involve looking for new investors and venues, networking with local businesses and helping other people get involved in volunteer work.

“Equality matters so much to us. We want to provide a creative outlet and unique ways for people to express themselves. But not everyone wants to take centre-stage. Volunteering can be such rewarding work and seeing people go out and do it is something that really inspires me.”  

Million dollar question, Elaine - what advice would give to your 20-year-old self?’ 

“Follow your passion. And don’t settle for one second!”

Woking is full of talented and creative people. Having an organisation like Phoenix Cultural Centre is what keeps them thriving in our community, and we’re all grateful to Elaine and her team for their invaluable work.


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