Born and Bred in Woking: Luqman Ali

Monday June 10th 2019

For us, there’s nothing better than sitting down and chatting about Woking with the people that live, sleep and breathe this place.

We’re always inspired by what they have to say, especially when they motivate us to try new things or re-visit places we haven’t been for a while.

We had a quick catch up with local man Luqman Ali to find out what he loves about living in Woking.


What really stands out to you about Woking?

The friendliness and multiculturalism of the people in this town. There are so many different types of food as well… you can walk through the market and get Italian food or any kind of food you want!

We love the world food at the market, too! There’s Asian, Japanese, Korean, Nigerian, plus incredibly fresh bread, veg, meats and fish… We’re getting hungry now!


Luqman, what are your plans for your future in Woking?

Right now, I’m trying to help out with the youth of Woking to help them get on a good path. I’d love to start a mentorship programme someday, so I can give something back to my community.

What a fantastic idea. Having someone like you to guide and lead local young people is really inspirational.


How do you feel about the future of Woking?

There is an opportunity to invest in the town, but there’s also an opportunity to invest in ourselves, financially and culturally.

We can all help shape the future of Woking if we invest in ourselves, our neighbours and our community. Investment can take any form – it can even be time well spent.


Where do you like to spend time in Woking?

My favourite place would have to be the Leisure Centre. It’s great for a walk or to meet up and play a bit of football.


And if you could sum up Woking in one word?

It would have to be spontaneous.


Thanks, Luqman. We’re feeling very inspired. And we can’t wait to hit the market for some great food!


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