Stagecoach in the spotlight

Friday October 26th

Stagecoach Performing Arts is a school here in Woking which teaches drama, dancing and singing. It’s perfectly placed to fulfil a creative need in our young people. The school has been nurturing creativity in its students for over 30 years and the experienced teaching staff at Stagecoach really strive to get the best from their budding young performers.

“We encourage them to take ‘safe risks’ through rehearsals and performance, which brings out a willingness to take on new challenges.”
- Chase Demmers, Stagecoach Woking Manager

Stagecoach has a lot to celebrate after reaching the 30-year milestone. Grant Clarke has been principal at Stagecoach for almost a decade and in that time he has pushed the school from strength to strength. Stagecoach will now be opening new classes on Fridays due to high demand and numerous enquiries.

“It's fantastic that we have so much interest in our school, It may be a preconception that Stagecoach is just a club, however, it is so much more than that. We're a family and this is a great learning environment where children can feel safe to be who they are.”
- Grant Clarke, Principal

Former Stagecoach students have gone on to appear on TV and in theatre productions, and Stagecoach has also been pivotal in preparing students for some of the country’s top drama schools. Stagecoach emphasise that potential students simply can also use the classes as a springboard to boost their confidence in everyday life, irrespective of career choice!   

“It is so heart-warming when a new student comes through the door on day one, painfully shy and by the end of term, they are standing up in front of an audience and delivering lines and believing in themselves.”
- Grant Clarke

Stagecoach has a very busy year ahead including a Christmas show, a performance at London's Shaftesbury Theatre and a showcase in March at Woking's Rhoda Mcgaw Theatre!

Find out more about their classes and showcases here.


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