Chinese Whispers

Saturday 28th April 2018

Chinese Whispers is a collaboration between two local artists - painter Katya Kvasova and photographer CJ Crosland.

EXHIBITION DATES: 28th April to 28th May 2018.
Pinnocks Coffee House, Ripley.
Free entry. Visit for opening times.

At a time when it is easier than ever to mass produce identical copies of an image, they became curious to explore what happens when the human touch is introduced back into the process of 'copying'. Based on the children's game Chinese Whispers, the project was conceived in 2016. It began with Katya painting one of CJ's self portraits. She then passed the painting to CJ, who created a digital artwork in response. CJ then passed the new image back to Katya, who responded with another painting, and so on. Every time the image is 'copied'. it gets re-interpreted, and intentional changes and accidental imperfections get added.

Follow the story as it continues to unfold on the Chinese Whispers blog.


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