Get Nesting!

Thursday February 13th 2020

It’s February. It's cold. We're all craving those lighter, brighter spring days...

One way to kick start the season, is by getting involved in Nestbox Week. This UK wide initiative encourages people to install nest boxes in their local area, increasing the likelihood of a successful breeding season. By doing this, we're helping to preserve our local ecosystems, filling them with the sights and sounds of sparrows, starlings and many more birds!

Nestbox Week starts on Sunday 16th February, and there are lots of ways to get involved.

Make your own bird box: A great way to help birds at this time of year is by putting up nest boxes in your garden and the local area. Here, birds can raise a clutch of young chics come the spring. In our urban areas and gardens, where trees are typically sparser, nest boxes can replicate holes in tree trunks that birds use for shelter. As natural nest sites are declining, look to National Trust and RSPB for tips and step-by-step guides.

Buy a bird box: Pre-made bird boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be purchased from around £10 at garden centres, DIY and homeware stores and online.

Spring into action: While thick garden hedges and nest boxes are important nesting spaces for breeding birds, providing supplementary food is a guaranteed way to give them an extra hand. Bird feeders filled with nuts and seeds will provide them with fuel for when the chics arrive!


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