A Green Welcome to Woking


Woking’s leafy face-lift continues as green wall, scaling the entire façade of the newly built Victoria Place car park, has been installed.

The planted surface covers a whopping 2,000sqm of wall and consists of 475,000 individual plants. Seasonal colour will emerge throughout the year thanks to an array of coloured flowers and foliage dotted throughout the planting scheme, all chosen for their suitability to the vertical growing environment.

In addition to planting along each level of the car park, panels of planters will also stretch the full height of the structure and there will be a further 5,000sqm of green roof. At the very top, a ‘blue roof’ has been installed to capture and store rain water ready to be reused within the wall’s unique irrigation system.

And where reduction of Woking’s carbon footprint is concerned, the wall is going to work hard for the town. The plants will improve air quality by trapping pollutants, 20 square metres of living wall is equal to one medium sized tree in its ecological value and will soak up 16,000kg of carbon and produce 11,000kg of oxygen every year.

The impressive structure welcomes visitors to a wildlife friendly town centre, that currently boasts three further green walls located at Duke’s Court, which stands at nearly 40m tall and boasts bird and insect houses nestled amongst the foliage, a 75m long feature on High Street and greening of apartments along Commercial Way.